Professional Certificate in the Promotion and Implementation of Human Rights

Day One: 

09:00 Registration and Refreshments
09:45 Chair’s Welcome and Introductions
A look ahead to the week
What do we mean by human rights?
Delegates’ experiences

10:15 Introduction to International Legal Instruments on Human Rights
1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights
Six core Human Rights Treaties
Sources of international law
State reservations and their implications
11:15 Morning coffee  

Civil and Political Rights
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966)
Rights bearers/duty bearers
The scope of the ICCPR
Protection in law/in practice
Integrating human rights into policymaking/structures
Who are the key stakeholders? 

13:00 Lunch  
13:45 Limitations of Human Rights – Case study
Counter-Terrorism Policies in the Age of Privacy and Human Rights.
14:45 Afternoon Tea  

Universalism vs Cultural Relativism 
Can Human Rights be universal?
Should we take into account cultural approaches to Human Rights?
Challenges to cultural relativism

16:15 End of Day Wrap Up
Questions and discussion
16:30 Close  

Day Two:

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair’s Introduction and Recap

Regional Human Rights Systems: the African System
Particularities of the African Regional Human Rights System
Structure and organisation
Successes and challenges

11:30 Morning Coffee

Regional Human Rights Systems 2: The European and Inter-American systems
Particularities of the European and Inter-American Regional Human Rights Systems
Structure and organisation
Successes and challenges
Extraterritoriality of the European and Inter-American system

13:00 Lunch

Regional Human Rights Systems 3: Middle East and Asia
Peculiarity of the Middle East region and the status of human rights
The role of the League of Arab States
The ASEAN Human Rights Declaration and beyond
What are the current mechanisms for the enforcement and implementation of human rights in the Middle East and Asia? Challenges and opportunities 

15:15 Afternoon Tea

Human Rights and Development
A rights-based approach to development
UN Programme for Reform 1997
Development cooperation: ‘duty bearers’ and ‘rights holders’
Operationalisation of the approach
Freedom from poverty as a human right?
International Frameworks and Developments
The Sustainable Development Goals – aims, achieved successes and limitations
Rio+20 – a missed opportunity?
UN Post 2015 – how central will human rights be?

16:45 End of Day Wrap Up and Close

Day Three:

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair’s Introduction and Recap

Gender, Equality and Non-Discrimination
Discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation
Women’s rights: regional versus international perceptions of women’s rights
Violence against women: gender-based and other forms of violence
Civil rights movements and affirmative action
CERD: challenges and application
CEDAW: challenges and application
Implementation and measurement challenges

11:30 Morning Coffee  
11:45 Case study: FGM
13:00 Lunch  

Human Rights in Times of Public Emergencies       
Can we derogate from Human Rights in times of emergency?
Increased risk of human rights abuses in times of armed conflict
Protection of civilians and provisions of basic services during armed conflict – who is responsible?
Upholding human rights in a weak institutional environment
Cost-effective approaches to realisation of rights in conflict situations

15:15 Afternoon Tea

Preparing and Developing a National Action Plan: Content and Structure
OHCHR 1997 Handbook on National Human Rights Plans of Action
Scope and priorities - Ensuring coverage of all types of rights
Inclusiveness, Identification of priorities, Topics of special focus
Ensuring the plan has a legal status, Targets and benchmarks
Preparation:Key stakeholders and the central role of government,
Establishment of a coordinating committee, Determining the current status of human rights

16:30 Case studies: National Human Rights Plans  
17:00 Close  

Day Four:

09:30 Refreshments
09:45 Chair’s Introduction and Recap
10:00 Working with Other Actors: National and International
Who are the key stakeholders in human rights promotion?
Sharing experiences and technical cooperation
Delegates’ experiences of cooperation on human rights

11:15 Morning Coffee  
11:30 Participant Presentation of National Human Rights Plans
12:45 Lunch  

Domestic Implementation and Monitoring: National Human Rights Ombudsmen, Committees and Policy Handbooks
Ensuring plan development and implementation are unified
Coordination committees and agency allocation or creation
Ensuring broad participation, including non-government partners
The need for high-level endorsement and awareness campaigns
Incorporating a human rights educational programme
Evaluation and Successor Plans
Ensuring clear accountability mechanisms and timeframes
Internal or external evaluators?
Ensuring successor plans are implemented
Incorporating successor plans and human rights into governance

15:00 Afternoon tea  
15:15 Resources for Implementation and Evaluation
Analysing resource requirements
Establishing funding mechanisms, both national and international
Issues that may arise, and other challenges to implementation
16:30 End of Day Wrap Up
Questions and discussion
16:45 Close  

Day Five:

09:30 Refreshments

Chartered Management Institute Overview
Structuring a written piece of work for assessment - Generic overview and principles
Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the assessment criteria

10:45 Morning Coffee  

Promotion and Implementation of Human Rights: The Media, Civil Society and Private Companies
The role of civil society inclusion and consultation
The media and the promotion of Human Rights
Campaigning and mass media case study
Promoting open debate, providing reliable information, monitoring, exposing violations and lobbying
Dissemination strategies
Business and Human Rights: a general review of the role of corporations in the implementation and non-violation of human rights law

12:30 Lunch  
13:30 End of Course Wrap Up
Questions and discussion
Evaluation Forms, Group Photo and Certificate Presentations
14:00 Close